Whats with all the UFOs lately?

Does anyone have any ideas about all the reports of UFOs lately (July 2010). They have been sighted in China, California and other places. China had one that looked like a big spaceship saucer projecting powerful beams of light and then they had another one that looked like a comet slowly plowing through the lower atmosphere. I saw a wierd thing around the same time in my neighbor hood (in Illinois). It looked like a huge cube-ish thing with a bristle or two. It seemed very large and far away. Silouetted against a storm cloud after dusk, it appeared dark (no lights). It moved very fast and at a constant speed. I thought it was a kite at first but it seemed very far away and would have been too big for a kite, and moving too fast....maybe a giant boxy weather balloon? I'm thinking it must have been at least as big as a garage, maybe a little bigger than a house. I was only able to watch it for 15-20 seconds before it disappeared into the trees. There was a saucer UFO sighted by many witnesses at O'Hare airport last November.