Yes Virginia there is life on Mars

Allan Hills researchers may be vindicated in their findings

here we go :-)

Three Martian meteorites triple evidence for Mars life.

There are lots of interesting facts in this article. All the scientific evidence is converging to infer a living Mars.

Hallucigenia? Psychedelia? Ponyiferrous?

Naaa ... they're just rocks. And there is no water either, it's all frozen carbon dioxide.

Prepare for greatness, Hort, and keep an eye on your Flickr stats. Your work has been noticed.

Very interesting Hort;
It does appear that as new data is acquired it increases rather than decreases the support for living organisms on Mars.

Makes you wonder if the evolution of these life forms might have occurred completely in the subsurface where we have not been able to look.
Why not examine the ejecta on the surface from the very youngest crater we can find
to look for evidence of this hidden life?

I have always advocated mindful playfulness to enlarge one's understanding of the universe.

Unfortunately, this is not possible in "Big Science".

The best we can hope for is a happy accident ( like the bad wheel that has doomed Spirit ) near Whoville and perhaps a coincident "Hmm - that's odd" thought from one of the mission scientists looking at the data.

Can't remember where but we looked at these images before and I just hope MSL and ExoMars take powerful MI's with them. These images surely must change minds and opinions that there is a very good chance life once was and maybe still is somewhere.
I believe many of the papers have passed Peer review.